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About our founder Seiji Tsutsumi

About our founder Seiji Tsutsumi | Profile | Chronology

About our founder Seiji Tsutsumi
Seiji Tsutsumi established The Saison Foundation with his private funds in 1987 and served as its first president for twenty-six years till his demise in November 2013. While Tsutsumi is remembered as an entrepreneur who built the conglomerate known as the Saison Group, and as the writer who left numerous works of poetry, novels, etc. under the pen name Takashi Tsujii, he was also a philanthropist who contributed to society. The activities of our foundation, which support artists and their projects without asking for any kind of compensation, embody the ideals of the philanthropist Seiji Tsutsumi and we wish to inherit his spirit throughout the future.

  Seiji Tsutsumi giving a speech on behalf of The Saison Foundation, which was awarded the Donald Keene Prize for the Promotion of Japanese Culture, in June 2009.
Photo: Kazushi Momoi

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