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The Saison Foundation is a private grant-making foundation established by Seiji Tsutsumi. The foundation supports contemporary Japanese theater and dance through its programs that are based on the following principles:

(1) Long-term support to artists and to their creative activities
The Saison Foundation places special emphasis on holistic and continuous support to young and mature artists and companies rather than making short-term project-only grants.

(2) Compound support system
The Saison Foundation not only awards grants but also offers space at Morishita Studio in Tokyo for rehearsals, workshops, symposia, conferences, etc. Additionally, the Foundation sponsors seminars and discussions on themes related to theater and dance company management.

(3) Support towards the improvement of the performing arts infrastructure
The Saison Foundation assists training programs, data and information sharing activities, and research projects (e.g., policy studies) that will improve the infrastructure of the performing arts community in Japan and will eventually contribute to the enhancement of future creative activities.

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