Research Outline

Research Theme : Joint research with artists in Japan
Brief Description of the Research : To research on Japanese dance scene, its background and history, and to conduct an advanced choreographic research project, “The Adventure” through a multi-lateral framework for knowledge production based in history, theory, and practice with artists who have a different cultural background.


1 May, 2012 :

 Arrival in Japan

2 May, 2012 to 20 May, 2012

  • Interviewing artists and arts administrators in Japan
    • Attending performance
11 May, 2012     : Public talk at Morishita Studio
15-20 May, 2012  : The Adventure: workshop at Morishita Studio
17 May, 2012 : The Ambien Piece: performance at Gallery Objective Correlative
19 May, 2012  : Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (XS): performance at Morishita Studio
21 May, 2012 : Return to home

Public Talk

Date : 11 May, 2012
Time : 19:00-21:30
Place : Studio S, Morishita Studio
Title : Innovative approaches to contemporary dance

Trajal Harrell gave his view on the expanded role of an artist with an explanation of his past works in Movement Research, Danspace Project and Impulstanz Vienna Intl. Dance Festival, and gave a brief of his research project in Japan.