Research Outline

Research Theme : Interdisciplinarity: Research on Japanese Performing Arts Scene (after Fukushima)
Brief Description of the Research : To do an ongoing research on the performing arts scene in Japan through interviews, meetings and by attending performances and exhibitions, and visited not only contemporary theater and dance performances but also visual art, architecture, music and fashion events, especially having a strong interest in the scene after the Fukushima disaster and find out about a new direction of performing arts in Japan.


13 October 2012 Arrives in Japan
13 October 2012 to
4 December 2012
- Interviews artists and arts administrators in Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukushima, Ooita
- Participates in International Visitors Program organized by Tokyo Culture Creation Project
- Attends performances and exhibitions at Festival Tokyo, Kunisaki Art Project, other theaters and galleries
13 November 2012 Public talk at Morishita Studio
5 December 2012 Departs Japan

Public Talk

Date : 13 November 2012
Time : 19:00-21:30
Place : Studio B, Morishita Studio
Title : Some thoughts on the Japanese performing arts scene from the perspective of a Swiss dramaturge and theatre critic

Dagmar Walser gave a presentation on Zürcher Theater Spektakel at which chelfitsch, Faifai, Niwa Gekidan Penino, contact Gonzo and Akumanoshirushi participated from Japan, and gave some thoughts on the Japanese perfroming art scene from her residency experience from the viewpoint of a Swiss dramaturge and theatre critic