Research Outline

Research Theme : To explore the dance scene in Japan and research possibilities for an international dance exchange between Japan and Ireland
Brief Description of the Research : To explore the contemporary dance scene in Japan, with an aim to build contacts and develop relations for potential future collaborations between Ireland and Japan, and to attend Yokohama Dance Collection and TPAM


5 February 2013 Arrives in Japan
6 February 2013 to
6 March 2013
- Interviews artists and arts administrators in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto and Kobe
- Attends dance performances at Yokohama Dance Collection EX, TPAM and other theaters 7 February 2013 Public talk at Morishita Studio
7 March 2013 Departs Japan

Public Talk

Date : 7 February 2013
Time : 15:00-17:30
Place : Lounge, Morishita Studio
Title : An overview of the current dance scene in Ireland within the wider European context

Elisabetta Bisaro gave a presentation on the contemporary dance scene in Ireland and on the role of dance centers, the relationship between artists and arts organizations, international programs in Europe and other areas.