Research Outline

Research Theme : Japan – Singapore exchange: New Generations, New Encounters
Brief Description of the Research : To explore the Japanese contemporary theater and dance today through interviews, meetings and by attending performances with the aim to explore a new paradigm of international exchange for the performing arts between Japan and Singapore, especially having a strong interest in discussing the paradigm in a Asian context with Japanese young artists and critics.


25 October 2012 Arrives in Japan
26 October 2012 to
24 November 2012
- Interviews artists and arts administrators in Tokyo and Yokohama
- Attends performances at Festival Tokyo and other theaters.
- Participates in F/T Dialogue as a guest participant
31 October 2012 Public talk at Morishita Studio
12 and 19 November 2012 - Participates in a talk session as a speaker at F/T Dialogue produced by Daisuke Muto
17 November 2012 - Participates in a post-performance talk of “Gay Romeo” as a speaker at F/T
25 November 2012 Departs Japan

Public Talk

Date : 31 October 2012
Time : 19:00-21:30
Place : Studio S, Morishita Studio
Title : A brief survey of Singapore theater – Struggle, Identity and Politics

Hoo Kuan Cien gave a brief history of Singaporean theater since its independence in 1965, focusing points such as multi-intercultural theater, political theater, censorship and community arts, and gave examples of some cultural activities by Kuo Pao Kun, The Necessary Stage and TheaterWorks.