Research Outline

Research Theme : Research on the body in performing arts of Japan
Brief Description of the Research : Jyoti Dogra aimed to research classical and contemporary performing arts of Japan including contemporary theater, contemporary dance, Butoh, Noh and Kabuki, as she has an interest in artists who work with body and physicality. During her residency, she did workshops with Theater Company ARICA to explore the possibilities of future collaborations.


10 October 2013 Arrives in Japan

11 October 2013 to
19 November 2013
-Interviews artists and arts managers in Tokyo
-Does workshops with Theater Company ARICA
-Attends Butoh workshops
-Attends performances at Festival / Tokyo and other theaters
18 October 2013 Shows a piece “Notes on Chai” at Morishita Studio
19 November 2013 Shows an outcome of the workshops with Theater Company ARICA
20 November 2013 Departs Japan


Date : 18 October 2013
Time : Open 18:30 Start 19:00
Place : Studio B, Morishita Studio
Title : “Notes on Chai"

Notes on Chai is a solo performance exploring the universality of human beings beyond culture boundaries, through a collection of excerpts from everyday conversations among eight men and women from different social backgrounds and ages in India. Jyoti Dogra holds her own on stage and plays eight characters with Tibetan overtone singing techniques and provides a new perspective to everyday life.