Research Outline

Research Theme : Politics of Transnational Entertainment: What is being performed? Who is performing and who is watching?
Brief Description of the Research : With theme of "Politics of Transnational Entertainment", Eisa Jocson researched the entertainment approaches of Filipino entertainers constructed under specific Philippines-Japanese social, cultural, historical backgrounds and labor conditions in Japan. During her residency, she visited Filipino entertainment clubs, Geisha district in Mukojima and maid cafes at Akihabara and attends Nihon-buyo classes. She physically explore different performances of femininity in relation to the entertainment industry in Japan.


13 October 2014 Arrives in Japan
14 October 2014 to 26 November 2014 Interviews artists, arts managers and enteratiners in Japan
Attends Nihon-buyo classes
Attends performances at Festival / Tokyo and other theaters
28 October 2014 Public Talk at Morishita Studio
25 November 2014 Showing "HOST" at Morishita Studio
27 November 2014 Departs Japan

Public Talk

Date : 28 October 2014
Time : 19:00-20:30
Place : Studio C, Morishita Studio
Title : Marginal Bodies and Transnational Entertainment
Eisa Jocson gave a presentation on the ideas of the research project, Politics of Transnational Entertainment, as well as the explanation of her past works.

Showing: Work in Progress

Date : 25 November 2014
Time : Open 18:30 Start 19:00
Place : Studio A, Morishita Studio
Title : HOST (concept, choreography and performance by Eisa Jocson)
Based on the following questions, "What does their performance of feminine labor reveal/conceal? If femininity is performed as labor, when does performance end and reality begin?", Eisa Jocson presented a work-in-progress to show a process of the creation to consider physically explore different performance of femininity in relation to the entertainment industry in Japan.