Research Outline

Research Theme : From the Page to the Stage: New Playwriting from the Margins in Japan
Brief Description of the Research : Eyad Houssami researched arts activities of minorities who face barriers due to age, gender, sexual or cultural identity, with themes and issues discussed in contemporary Japanese theater. During his residency, he interviewed playwrights, directors, translators and arts managers. He met and created a network with nonprofit organizations which work together with foreign residents and/or day labors, and he finally held workshops to consider performing arts from Diaspora.


9 August 2014 Arrives in Japan
10 August 2014 to
25 September, 2014
Interviews artists, arts managers and organizers of nonprofit organizations in Japan
Visits Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Toyama
Attends performances at SCOT Summer Season and other theaters
5 September 2014 Public Talk at Morishita Studio
20 and 21 September 2014 Workshops at Morishita Studio
26 September 2014 Departs Japan

Public Talk

Date : 5 September 2014
Time : 19:00-20:30
Place : Studio S, Morishita Studio
Title : Doomed by Hope: Making Theatre with Masrah Ensemble in Beirut
Eyad Houssami gave a presentation on the collaboration and process and how his work with Masrah Ensemble has been an effort to explore both these elements of theatre making in the Arab world shaken by the political and social changes after the Arab Spring with reference to his work.


Date : 20 and 21 September 2014
Time : 14:00-17:00
Place : Studio S, Morishita Studio
Title : Performing Arts from Diaspora
Eyad Houssami held two-days workshops to consider performing arts from Diaspora to share its stories and information in relation to formal and informal theater activities of linguistic minorities.