Research Outline

Research Theme : Network, connections and collaboration projects Japan-Latin America
Brief Description of the Research : Cynthia Edul aimed to build artistsf network between the Japan and Argentina to set up projects to promote artistic collaborations, and she explored the possibilities of networking between Japan and Latin America, During her residency, she met young playwrights and theater directors, as well as mid-career artists to expand her network, and she discussed the possibilities of the co-production and collaborations for the future.


6 July 2015 Arrives in Japan
7 July to
3 August 2015
Interviews artists and arts managers in Japan
Attends performances at Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale and other theaters
Visits Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Shodo-shima and Echigo Tumari
8 July 2015 Public Talk at Morishita Studio
4 August 2015 Departs Japan

Public Talk

Date : 8 July 2015
Time : 19:00-20:30
Place : Studio B, Morishita Studio
Title : Argentinean Scene in the context of the Latin-American Region. From the 90fs till today. Aesthetics: Tendencies and Tensions. Cultural Management and New Ways of Organization.
Cynthia Edul gave a presentation on the scene in Argentina from 90fs till today and talked about the issues regarding the aesthetics, management and organization in Argentina with an introduction of Panorama Sur.