Research Outline

Research Theme : Zombies and Buddha
Brief Description of the Research : Luis Garay researched Japanese traditions and contemporary culture with a theme of gpresenceh, gabsenceh and gbodyh. During his residency, he exchanged the ideas of Japanese subculture, languages and images in the digital age with Japanese artists and arts managers. He also conducted workshop-audition-research with Japanese dancers and performers to make a trial of new piecefs ideas.


21 July 2016 Arrives in Japan
22 July to
10 September 2016
Interviews artists and arts managers in Tokyo
Attends performances in contemporary theatre, contemporary dance and traditional performing arts
Visits Kyoto to interviews artists and arts managers
25 to 29 July and 1 to
5 August 2016
Workshop-Audition-Research at Morishita Studio
7 September 2016 Public talk at Morishita Studio
11 September 2016 Finishes residency

Public Talk

Date : 7 September 2016
Time : 19:00-20:30
Place : Studio S, Morishita Studio
Title : gOPEN SEEh

Luis Garay gave a presentation on the research concept and activities in his residency, and explained the ideas of the new piece expected to present on October 2016, as well as ideas and images of his representative works.