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Saison Artist in Residence

Begm Erciyas

(Turkey / Belgium) 

Residency Period: from 25 October to 13 December 2017

[Research Outline]

Research Theme

: Handling the Invisible A research on communal and ceremonial practices of giving value, meaning and life to objects

Brief Description of the Research


Begüm Erciyas researched on communal and ceremonial practices of giving value, meaning and life to objects and she also investigated the relationship between robots and human beings. During her residency, she attended Ningyo Kuyo and Hari Kuyo ceremonies and also attended an international robot exhibition. She visited robotics laboratories and interviewed engineers in robotics.


25 October 2017

Arrives in Japan
26 October 2017 to
12 December 2017

Attends Ningyo Kuyo and Hari Kuyo ceremonies

Attends an international robot exhibition

Visits robotics laboratories
Interviews some engineers in robotics
Interviews artists and arts managers

9 November 2017 Public Talk at Morishita Studio
13 December 2017

Departs Japan

[Public Talk]
Date :

9 November 2107

Time :


Place :

Studio C, Morishita Studio

Title : Handling the Invisible

Begüm Erciyas introduced her major works such as “Voicing Pieces” presented at Kunstenfestivaldesarts and shared her ideas for a new piece based on “Handling the Invisible” research at Saison Artist in Residence.

[Profile] Begm Erciyas
Born in Turkey
Begm Erciyas studied Molecular Biology and Genetics Study at Bilkent University in Turkey and majored in Dance and Choreography at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria. Her latest work, 天oicing Pieces has been presented at major international festivals including Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Belgium) , Tanznacht (Germany), Steirischer Herbst (Austria) and Homo Novus Festival (Latvia). In addition, her major works were presented at Tanz in August, HAU, Kampnagel (Germany), Kaaitheater (Belgium) and Malta Festival (Poland). She was a resident artist at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, Akademie Schloss Solitude and Villa Kamogawa.


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