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Saison Artist in Residence

Laura Stasane


Residency Period: from 5 to 21 October 2017

[Research Outline]

Research Theme

: Researching the relationship with local

Brief Description of the Research


Laura Stasane is interested in artists engaging with local context and certain communities and she explored artist-let projects for community regeneration and empowerment. During her residency, she attended Festival/Tokyo and Kyoto Experiment and interviewed several choreographers, dancers and arts managers from young and emerging to deepen her understanding in Japanese contemporary dance.

5 October 2017 Arrives in Japan
6 to 20 October 2017

Interviews artists and arts managers

Attends Festival/Tokyo and Kyoto Experiment

10 October 2017 Public Talk at Atelier East, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater
21 October 2017 Departs Japan
[Public Talk]
Date : 10 October 2017
Time : 19:00-20:30
Place : Atelier East, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, co-presented by Festival/Tokyo
Title : Places, spaces and people in Riga

Laura Stasane explained the activities of New Theatre Institute of Latvia based in Riga, the capital of Latvia and introduced one of the biggest leading performing arts festival in the Baltic region, Homo Novus.

[Profile]Laura Stasane
Born in Latvia
Laura Stasane majored in International Culture Relations at Latvian Academy of Culture. She has worked at New Theatre of Latvia as a producer and program curator since 2005. She is mainly in charge of contemporary dance program and has programed for Homo Novus and Dance Moves Cities. She invited contact Gonzo for Dance Moves Cities and produce a dance work by Heine Avdal and Ykiko Shinozaki in collaboration with a Latvian musician for Homo Novus. In 2011, she attended TPAM in Yokohama.


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